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Annual Staff Retreat. Great time of encouragement, vision casting, food and fun. This is the one time of the year we get almost all of our staff together. Here are a few highlights from this year’s meeting…

Children’s Home Department… You just can’t go wrong helping a child. This team is absolutely committed to the wellbeing of these children. Thankfully, things run pretty smooth with the 700 children under our care. Sometimes it kind of shocks me that we don’t have more drama than we do! Graduates from our program are spread across this nation and around the world.

Maintenance Department… In times gone by we had to hire out certain things; not anymore…this department has grown in knowledge and skills and pretty much handles everything these days. 20+ vehicles, 30+ buildings, 70+ air conditioners, 25+ acres of grass and landscape…these guys have their work cut out!

Office Department… We have a dedicated team that does a phenomenal job of keeping everything running smoothly. Administration, accounting, legal matters, partner communications, etc. etc.. They do a great job!

Media Department… The media department is taking a leap forward this year to embrace the opportunities of advancing the work via technology as well as effectively showcasing our organization.

Occupational Development Department… Coffee cultivation is now producing income for over 500 families under our program. You can support this project by spreading the word and ordering coffee at (USA) or (Thailand)

A Salute To Our Team and Partners… Words can’t express our appreciation for our amazing team. An awesome team here in Thailand and wonderful partners like you…the results speak for themselves! Thank you for the privilege of representing you!

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