Self Sufficient Food Production Project

Can You Imagine 700 People Showing Up At Your House For Dinner?

For us, this is a daily experience for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is a gargantuan task as we feed 700 people daily at our various facilities.

Our goal is to produce 300,000 chicken eggs/year and 50,000 pounds of meat and fish/year along with chemical free fruits and vegetables. Once this project is up and running, we will be producing 100% of our protein needs and a good portion of our fruits and vegetables without chemicals/pesticides. The result will be healthy, happy children, staff and students as well as a whole lot of money saved.

Wildly Successful Small-Scale Proof of Concept

We are doing everything we can to begin the food production cycles. We are already breeding and raising our own piglets and we have launched chicken, egg and fish production. All of this has been tested on a smaller scale. It has been wildly successful and now we are ready to scale the operation.

The entire project will cost around US$50,000. Once completed, it will give back for years to come. Major costs to complete this project include purchase of a backhoe, completion of our organic compost production area, water system with storage capacity, expanded pig, chicken and laying hen areas, as well as freezers for food storage.

Our goal is eventually to over produce enough to sell to override the ongoing costs. This will enable the project to become self-sustainable.