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Great News: Children, Staff and Students are all Healthy… The Covid-19 panic swept Thailand as it did much of the world. Abundant Life Foundation quickly adopted policies to keep our children, staff and students safe. Thankfully things are beginning to relax as cases in the northern area of the country where we are based are on the decline

Thai New Year Celebrations for 2563 Were Cancelled… No, that’s not future planning, the Thai year is 2563 this year. We have our own New Year which falls during mid-April each year. It is by far the biggest event of the Thai calendar year. Millions of Thai’s travel throughout the country and abroad celebrating the event. The temperatures are scorching, reaching 110 F, 43 C. The nation shuts down for three days and participates in what is the biggest water fight on planet earth. Not this year…everyone had to stay home.

We Care for Over 700 Children and Nearly 100 Adults… This would not be possible without our partners’ involvement. Thank you for your continued financial support.

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