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Greetings From Thailand …We trust that all is well your way. We are doing well, so many good things happening.

Buckle Up … We have had several teams visit us here this year with more scheduled. This has been a breath of fresh air after a 2+ year shutdown with no visitors. Short term teams are vital to our work here.

Win – Win – Win Situation … Yea, that’s better than a win-win situation! Obviously, the teams that visit are a blessing to our students, staff and children as well as the communities we work in. They are also a great help to our foundation, as many projects get funded. The third Win Situation is what happens in the hearts of those that visit us. They have invested their finances, their time and their skills with a goal to help those they meet. And what a help they are! Yet, so many times we hear our visitors say, “I thought I was coming to be a blessing, but I think I got blessed even more.” It just doesn’t get much better than that!

These Trips Are Useful … Lives are changed here and back home. Through the years we have heard so many people share how their life was impacted through their trip here. So far this year our short-term visitors have funded and completed two community projects, built two houses for widows, roofed a house for a poor village family and built toilets for two poor families; one a widow who lost her husband and her son in the last year. On top of that, they have supplied ice cream, pizza, goodies and gifts to our children at all three children home facilities.

Is It Time For You To Get Out Of The Boat … It might be a trip to another nation or volunteering in your local community. Much of what we do here is simply serving and helping people less fortunate than ourselves. The joy that comes from this lifestyle is hard to explain. What is it that you would like you to do? You will be surprised at the satisfaction you get when you do something to help others that are less fortunate.

Thank you for your part in helping us here in Thailand.

Charlie & Cathy

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