Making a Difference

The core goal of Abundant Life Foundation is Helping People Help Themselves. For that to be possible, we believe every child should have a chance in life. Access to education, healthcare and a safe environment to grow up in enables children to flourish and eventually make a positive impact on society. Abundant Life Foundation has numerous programs and scholarships that help children prepare for a successful life.

• Beautiful, fully staffed facilities are “home” to hundreds of children
• Schooling provided Kindergarten through 12th standard
• College Scholarships offered to qualified graduates of 12th Standard

Abundant Life Children’s Home is a loving, caring, safe place where children can grow and develop. Children who previously had no hope enjoy a positive environment where dreams and visions come alive.

A Golden Opportunity to Help a Child.

Every child that comes into our program has a serious need in life. They are either orphans or children whose parents are unable to properly care for them leaving them vulnerable and at risk.

Why Not Give Sponsorship A Try?

Imagine the satisfaction of knowing you have helped one of these precious children. You can give a child an opportunity for a successful future.

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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

L.M. Montgomery: Canadian author

Chiangmai Dorm

Home to our administrative offices and our largest children’s home facility. Situated on 18 acres just 30 minutes outside of Chiangmai town. The convenience of the city nearby, but the peace and fresh air of the countryside. The children enjoy modern facilities complete with computer lab, athletic fields and ample space for recreation.

Ban Den Dorm

The facilities are beautiful; the setting is perfect and there is plenty of room for sporting and recreation for the children. The children enjoy modern facilities complete with computer lab, athletic fields and even an 18 hole mini golf course.

Mae La Noi Dorm

The Mae La Noi facility is a three acre property on the banks of the Yuam River. Beautiful facilities with a modern computer lab and plenty of space for sport and recreation. The view is beautiful and the land is rich. The staff plant crops every year in the river delta after rainy season which provides an abundant supply of chemical free produce.