Making A Difference
The core goal of Abundant Life Foundation is Helping
People Help Themselves.
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Helping a Child

We believe every child should have a chance in life. Access to education, healthcare and a safe environment to grow up in enables children to flourish and eventually make a positive impact on society.

Self Sufficient Food Production Project

Can You Imagine 700 People Showing Up At Your House For Dinner …. For us, this is a daily experience for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is a gargantuan task as we feed 700 people daily at our various facilities.

Community Projects

A society is made up of individuals… if we can train the individual to be a better person and contribute to their local community; the society as a whole will benefit.

Our Story

Abundant Life Foundation exists today because of a set of twin boys we found deep in the jungles of the Golden Triangle region of Thailand in August 1989. We were tipped off about a set of twins that were abandoned. We trekked to the remote mountain area where we found two little boys only ten days old and at the point of death. That day changed our lives forever.


Miracle of the Twin Trucks

Miracle of the Twin Trucks … We shared a letter about needing a new truck. Two old trucks had been in use transporting children to school for 24 years; they were worn out. We actually needed two new trucks but I thought it was too much to ask for. One of our partners called us and asked how the fund raising was coming along.

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COVID-19 Update

Great News: Children, Staff and Students are all Healthy … The Covid-19 panic swept Thailand as it did much of the world. Abundant Life Foundation quickly adopted policies to keep our children, staff and students safe. Thankfully things are beginning to relax as cases in the northern area of the country where we are based are on the decline.

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Staff Retreat

Annual Staff Retreat. Great time of encouragement, vision casting, food and fun. This is the one time of the year we get almost all of our staff together. Here are a few highlights from this year’s meeting…

Children’s Home Department … You just can’t go wrong helping a child. This team is absolutely committed to the wellbeing of these children.

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